Fur care

When wet, shake the coat, hang it in a well-ventilated room and leave it to dry naturally then shake it again.  Never put it next to a radiator as it will dry out the pelts.  If your fur is completely soaked then take it immediately to a professional furrier.

Insure your coat on your home contents insurance policy.  A professional furrier will be able to provide you with a valuation for its replacement value.

Never use moth balls near a fur coat.  Never spray perfume or hairspray directly onto the coat as it can dry the pelts.

Refrain from wearing your coat for long periods in the car as this may lead to crushing and premature wear.

Be careful of handbags as they can cause bald spots if used constantly on your fur.

During fur season, store the coat on a padded or broad-shouldered hanger.  Do not put it in a garment bag as it can dry out the pelts.  Do not store it in a wardrobe that is exposed to light as it can fade the colour of the fur.  At the end of the season, store the coat with a furrier in professional storage.